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BCBS now reimbursing for some telemedicine claims!

Posted over 2 years ago by Susan Alexander

On Tuesday, December 1, 2015 BCBS began paying reimbursement claims for some telemedicine consultations in Alabama.

BCBS reimbursement in Alabama will be allowed for qualified consultations on cardiology, behavioral health, dermatology, infectious diseases and neurology, including stroke.

BCBS requires "an intervening healthcare provider,'' who could be a technician or RN, to be present with the patient, with a two-way, real-time audio and visual telecommunications system linking them to a consulting specialist located elsewhere.
BCBS has said that for qualifying services, it will pay the consulting specialist for services rendered over a telecommunications system at the same rate allowed for in-person services. It also will pay an "originating site fee" of $25 to the medical practice where the patient was located.

NPAA is happy to provide further information on the program that was provided to us by BCBS.

Please reply to this email for questions.