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Do you have questions regarding BCBS reimbursements?

Posted about 2 years ago by Susan Alexander

As with each new year, changes occur in reimbursements for third-party payorrs. Significant changes have occurred with BCBS plans and payments for office based services such as E&M codes and in house labs. If you have experienced these changes, or have questions, please reply to this announcement NPAA is working with physician sponsors to coordinate a meeting with BCBS representatives to address these questions.


Sarah Scheuermann about 2 years ago

Can you post a summary of the changes?

Vivian Hannon about 2 years ago

All of a sudden we are not in network. Evidently, we have to be 'invited.'

Kelli McAllister about 2 years ago

We got an announcement the other day from corporate that said physicians have to go behind NPS and PAs for all Blue Cross Blue Shield patients because they're having such a difficult time getting reimbursed.

Beverly Bridges about 2 years ago

We are having issues because of the cuts from bcbs. We are having to get the physician to see blue cross patients with us now. This is a huge waste of time for me and the physician.

Rachel Shaneyfelt about 2 years ago

BCBS is governing the Affordable Care Act as known as "Obamacare". WHICH is not affordable at all and people now have LARGE debuctibles that are ranging into the thousands and hard if not impossible to have reimbursed

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