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Please consider signing Petition related to NPs having the ability to write Home Care Orders

Posted about 5 years ago by Joy Deupree

To the Membership of NPAA:  The DNP online community began a petition in January to allow Nurse Practitioners (NPs) to write home health care orders. As of today there are only 1397 of 25000 signatures needed by February 10. PLEASE take the time to simply create a free account and sign this petition. We need everyone to unite and support this request. This is what the petition states and the link: Click Here

We petition the Obama Administration to:
Pass the Home Care Planning Improvement Act of 2011 allowing Nurse Practitioners (NPs) to write home health care orders. There is a shortage of primary care physicians and increasing elders who require home health to avoid admission to costly acute or post acute facilities. NPs fill care gaps. Unfortunately home health orders initiated by an NP must be signed by an physician who, more often than not, knows nothing about the particular patient for which orders are being signed. This process requires additional time and risk for error, often resulting in delayed, more costly care delivery. This mandate serves no practical function. NP practice already includes prescriptive authority. NPs have a compelling record of providing quality, cost effective care. Studies consistently demonstrate comparable pt outcomes between NP and MD driven care, with higher satisfaction for NP care. No study substantiates need for MD oversite of NPs
Created: Jan 11, 2013