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Are you a student in need of a clinical preceptor?

Posted over 1 year ago by Susan Alexander

If you are a student in a graduate or doctoral program who is in need of a preceptor, you may post a comment on this site.

Please include:
  • Your contact information
  • A clear and complete description of your needs (including the time frame and number of hours)
  • The educational program for which the preceptor is needed
  • Geographical area of preference for your preceptor¬†

Susan Alexander, NPAA President


Kari Degrandpre over 1 year ago

My name is Kari deGrandpre. I am about to enter my final semester in FNP school at UAH. I am currenlty looking for a nurse practioner to work with in the fall. I live in the greater Huntsville area, and am willing to travel.
I have 14 years experience as a RN working in several differnet ICU setting from trauma, neuro and cardiovascular. My precepting experience has been very diverse. I have worked in a peds clinic, nephrology, family practice and internal medicine.
My passion is neurodegenerative diseases. I have been a nurse volunteer for the local ALS chapter and clinic for several years and am currently writing my master's thesis on ALS.
If you have ANY available hours to precept me this fall, I would love to get a chance to work with you. The fall semester starts August 17th and ends Nov 30th.
Thank you for your consideration,

Danielle Davis over 1 year ago

Hello, my name is Danielle Davis and I am a primary care NP student at Auburn University. My final semester is Spring 2017 (January-April) and I will be completing 360 clinical hours. I may complete these hours with Adults, Geriatrics, Pediatrics, Women's Health or a combination. I am looking for a nurse practitioner preceptor in the Montgomery area or Mobile area. I may also complete some of my required hours with a MD, DO, or PA. I will greatly appreciate any hours available. Please email me at Thank you.

Shelby Knight over 1 year ago

I am in need of a DNP prepared nurse to precept me as a DNP student this semester (Fall 2016). I am a member of CANPA, a member of the Alabama Nurse Practitioner Alliance, and a DNP student at Troy University in Montgomery. I need 10 clinical hours for this semester and would like to cover the DNP role and outcomes. The deadline for hours is November 28, 2016. I live in Calera, Alabama but I am willing to drive some distance to get the job done. I work full-time and I am off most Thursdays. My work schedule can be changed somewhat to work with the preceptor. Please contact me by e-mail or phone if you are interested in helping. Thank you so much and share with your friends.
Shelby M. Knight, MSN, FNP-BC - email
205-222-0551 - Cell
205-668-1616 - work
205-688-1757 - work back line (private, call when other line is busy only)

Lisa Mizelle over 1 year ago

Hello, my name is Lisa Mizelle. I am an FNP student at South University in Montgomery, however I live in Huntsville Alabama. I am looking for a pediatric nurse practitioner who would be willing to precept me from January 2017-April 2017. This is my second to last rotations prior to graduation and I must precept under an NP per the requirements. must complete at least 180 hours during that timeframe. I have been an RN since 1994 and have experience L & D, women's services, orthopedic management, case management and more. My email is and phone is 256-679-4638. I love children (I have 4), I am very eager to learn, and willing to travel. Thank you!

Alicia Todd over 1 year ago

Hello my name is Alicia Todd. I am a FNP/PMHNP student at The University of Alabama. I am looking for a pediatric or family nurse practitioner that sees children. I need to complete 70 hours by December. 2, 2016. I live in Mobile but I can have preceptors in Alabama or Mississippi. My email is and phone is 251-391-4588. I appreciate any leads or assistance. Thanks in advance!

Marisa Coxey over 1 year ago

Hi, My name is Marisa Coxey and I am a FNP/PMHNP student at the University of Alabama. I am currently in need of a preceptor for my pediatrics clinical rotation. I will need 70 hrs to be completed by December 2, 2016. I live and work as an ER nurse in the Alexander City area but I am willing to travel anywhere to anyone who will have me. My cellphone no 404-358-1507 and my email add . Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Charlie Kroelinger over 1 year ago

Hello, my name is Charlie Kroelinger. I am in the Adult Geron Primary Care NP program at USA; this is my final semester. I am looking for a preceptor in the Mobile, AL region, but I can travel up to 45 minutes-hour away; my program allows me to work with either an NP or a MD, in Primary Care Adults, Geriatrics, or Family Medicine, but I cannot assist with peds. I admit I would love the opportunity to precept in a nursing home or hospice; I will complete my sub-specialty in Palliative Care May 2017. I am required to fill 180 hours by Dec. 2, but I will take as many or as few as a preceptor is willing to offer. My cell phone number is 727-741-1459; my email is I've been a RN since 2006; I have worked in med-surg, oncology, & neuro-ICU, & have previously precepted under Dr. Thomas Leytham and Kate Ferguson CRNP. I am incredibly eager to learn & would absolutely appreciate your consideration. Thank you so much NPAA for posting this site for us.

Alicia Collier over 1 year ago

Hello. My name is Alicia Collier. I live in Nauvoo, Alabama but am willing to travel within the state of Alabama. I am in the FNP program at USA. I am looking for Nurse Practitioner preceptors for my pediatric and OB/GYN clinicals in the spring. I will need 90 hours in an outpatient clinic for peds and 90 hours in an outpatient clinic for OB/GYN. I have from January till the end of April to have all hours completed. I have been an RN for 11 years. My experience has been in the ER and PICC/Vascular access. I would be very appreciative for any assistance. My cell phone number is 205-471-9558 and my email is Thank you for your consideration.

Sheri Williams over 1 year ago

I am Sheri Williams. I am in the online MSN/DNP program at the University of South Alabama. I live in Talladega, AL.
I need a CV preceptor and Pulmo preceptor beginning in January 2017 to May 2017. I need 60 hours with each. I am able to work on day shift or night shift.
I am happy to travel anywhere in Alabama to get this done !
Please contact me at: or
256-493-5331 anytime.
Thank you for your consideration!

Amy Davis over 1 year ago

Hello, My name is Amy Davis and I am an online AGNP student at Maryville University in St. Louis Missouri. I live in Mobile, AL. I need a preceptor for Adult Health Assessment beginning in January 2017. I need to complete 80 hours. I have been a nurse for 17 years and worked 15 of those years in Med-surg and 6 years in Med-surg/Oncology. Please contact me at or 251-648-0362. Thank you in advance.

Tonya Pelham about 1 year ago

Hello! My name is Tonya Pelham. I am a FNP-DNP student at USA-Mobile. I am in search of OB-GYN and Pediatric preceptors for the Spring Semester. I will need 90 hours in Ob-gyn and 90 hours in Peds. I can complete these hours between Jan 17 th and May 5th. My contact information is Cell number 334 427 0553; call or text; If it is between 7 am 4 pm I may not answer due to being at work, but please leave a message . Work number 334 347 4343, home email tpelham or school email
Thank you for your consideration! I live in Andalusia; I work in Enterprise, but I am willing to travel anywhere to complete these hours. We all ( students in my group) are having a difficult time finding OB/Gyn and Peds preceptors. Thank you again!

Brittany Fowler 12 months ago

Hello! My name is Brittany Fowler and I am an FNP-DNP student at the Medical University of South Carolina. I am in search of a family medicine preceptor for Fall 2017 beginning in August and going through the beginning of December. I am looking for about 180 hours total. I have been an RN for about five years, with two of them being in a neuro step down unit and the rest being on a Surgical Trauma Intensive Care Unit. I am looking for someone in the Birmingham area, however, I am willing to travel to complete my hours.
phone: 864-561-8583 (call or text is fine)

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