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NPs in the Alabama News

Posted almost 8 years ago by Lori Lioce


Montgomery News (Channel 12 WSFA) did an interview yesterday with Carol Stewart in response to the "Doctor Shortage"

"Doctor Shortage" - NPAA response by Immediate Past President Carol Stewart (2 video clips and article)


Thank you President Stewart.



Paula Helmly almost 8 years ago

Excellent interview! I am glad to finally see the NP side stated so well by an NP. I am one of those NPs who lives in Mobile and commutes to MS to work. The requirement of an MD in the office at least 10% of the time is an expensive, cost prohibitive requirement in AL. In MS we have collaborative practice with MDs but they do not have to be in the office any specified amount of time. The MD is available by phone at all times. It works well and allows us to run our clinics much more cost effectively.

Chloe Blankenhorn almost 8 years ago

Very good reiteration that we need to all WORK TOGETHER! We don't need to be fighting against each other in this time of need. Thanks!

Terry Watkins almost 8 years ago

Wish we could have had equal time to speak as the PA to address the provider shortage. Thank goodness Alabamians are begining to see that health care reform is not going to take place smoothly without addressing the man-power issue.

Terry Watkins

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