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NPAA is now on Facebook and Twitter

Posted almost 8 years ago by Lori Lioce

I am happy to report we have begun construction on new communication tools to enhance the grassroots communication in Alabama. This will provide an avenue of constant communication across the state and give the public an opportunity to see the issues firsthand.

You may post your professional stories and barriers to practice here. This will create an archive of the discussion and expose the barriers to providing care for our patients.

There is an area (under the "photo" tab) to publicize our bill sponsors/legislators and access documentation for utilization in educating patients, legislators, family members, physicians, etc.

With everything in one place, it will be easy for you to share the facts with virtually anyone and they will be able to reference these same documents with others in their discussions without reproducing documents (saves trees, time, and provides a consistent message).

Please give us your feedback. What would you like to see on these pages?


Facebook: Nurse Practitioner Alliance of Alabama 

Twitter:  NPAllianceAL

You will see the GOLD NPAA pin as the logo for both pages.

Happy Posting!

Lori Lioce



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