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Support Needed - Call to Action

Posted over 7 years ago by Lori Lioce

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to you to ask for your help. This is the year to change nursing practice. The Institute of Medicine has publicly made recommendations that support NP practice changes. We must act now. I ask that you please encourage all NPs in your region, your patients, and take time yourself to submit ONE story about how NPs make a difference in patients lives, saving lives/decreasing illness, increasing the number of patients seen in your offices, decreasing the cost of medical care, or even how you are the only provider in your area for __"x"__ number of patients.

We have made it easy for you and have set up a site for submissions for you, your family, your collaborating physician(s) and your patients to quickly submit testimonials @ It is crucial that we submit these testimonials and letters with our 2011 bill as requested by our sponsoring legislators.

Our legislators want to see YOUR support prior to sponsoring our bill.

Your immediate participation is urgent.

We will be meeting with the legislators in the next 3 weeks and they are expecting some supportive testimonials from the 1800 NPs in Alabama.

Please show them you care by visiting, submitting comments and testimonials.

We are asking that each NP in Alabama make a donation this month to help with the costs of our communication strategist and printing expenses for the 2011 session beginning soon. We have made it very easy---you can now donate online on the same page you submit your testimonial @

Thank you for your support, it has been an honor to represent each of you.

Happy Holidays to you and your families.

Lori Lioce, President, Nurse Practitioner Alliance of Alabama



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