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Let Congress Hear From you Regarding Home Health Care!

Posted over 4 years ago by Joy Deupree


We know a CRNP diagnoses and treats illnesses for your grandmother.

We also know a nurse practitioner is perfectly capable of developing a home health plan of care and signing it themselves. Yet, Congress doesn’t seem to get it.

A quirk in the Medicare law has kept Advanced Practice Registered Nurses from signing home health plans of care and from certifying Medicare patients for the home health benefit. In areas where access to physicians is limited, this outdated prohibition has lead to delays in health care delivery. These delays in care not only inconvenience patients and their families, but also result in increased cost to the Medicare system when patients are unnecessarily left in more expensive institutional settings.

Tell your Members of Congress to support the Home Health Care Planning Improvement Act (H.R. 2504 / S.1332), which will allow nurses to ensure quality and timely care is being delivered to patients across the country.  

Thank you for taking a stand!

Your ANA Government Affairs Team from ANA