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A Changing of the Guard

Posted over 4 years ago by Joy Deupree

A Changing of the Guard

This will be my final message to you as president. What an eventful two years it has been! First of all, I want to thank the Executive Committee I have worked with for two years: Tim Byrum, Sula Gillespie, D’Ann Somerall, Chase Thomas and Richard Brown. I don’t think there has ever been a more supportive team. I thank you for your encouragement, wisdom and trust in me. Additionally, the Steering Committee, I know it is hard to make the commitment for those conference calls but I appreciate all those many nights that you were there to lend your ideas, thoughts and suggestions-and for the hard work! All of you are what make this organization strong. I appreciate your leadership and talents more than words can express!

To those wonderful leaders who came before me, Cindy Cooke, Carol Stewart, Lori Lioce, and Richard Brown. Your hard work and dedication to NPAA helped us all see the potential of our profession and this organization. The countless trips, meetings, and speeches you all gave and continue to give to better our profession will always be remembered.

To the countless NPs and nurse leaders in Alabama and beyond who took the time to send the words of encouragement throughout the legislative battles- you will never know how much that meant. Legislation is never about getting all you want but rather is always a compromise. Representative DeMarco from Homewood called one afternoon after the bill had passed and congratulated NPAA for our success and said “NPAA gets it” going on…”you have to start somewhere”. I still have days that I wish we could have done things differently but I know that for the first time in my career patients in rural areas are getting care that last year was not possible. At some point it has to be a moral/ethical issue and not about any profession.

In closing, I ask that you join me in congratulating Dr. Susan Alexander as the newly elected president of NPAA. I have had the privilege of working with Susan for about 2 years; she is going to be an amazing leader for our group! She is full of exciting ideas and with the new structure of leadership; we will only be limited by the hours in the day! When she calls on you to volunteer, please step up to the plate! When the membership drive begins-JOIN! We can be as strong as any group ever has been! Just since November 2012 there have been over 1000 new nurse practitioners hired in Alabama! Join the movement! Get involved! If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!

Again, many thanks for allowing me the honor of representing you!

Respectfully Submitted,

Joy P Deupree, PhD, MSN, APRN-BC
Past President, NPAA