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Proposed Legislation - SB 57

Posted about 4 years ago by Susan Alexander

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Attached please find a copy of SB 57, which would provide for unlicensed personnel within the school system to administer both glucagon and insulin. (There is a corresponding bill in the House of Representatives, introduced by Representative Ron Johnson.) Please take a moment to review the bill.

Both bills are on the agenda for public hearings on Wednesday, January 22, 2014. The House Health Committee will hold a public hearing at 9:00 AM in the Joint Briefing Room of the State House on the 8th floor (you have to go to seven and then either take the one elevator to eight or walk the stairs). The Senate Health Committee will hold a public hearing at noon on Wednesday, January 22, 2014, in Room 304 of the State House. If you have opinions about the proposed legislation, you should advise your legislators. The State House is on the corner of Union Street and Washington Avenue and non-lobbyists enter through the Union Street (front) entrance. Comments regarding the bill can also be posted here.




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