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Did you attend a QACSC Opioid/REMS training session in 2013?

Posted over 3 years ago by Susan Alexander

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Attendees of Opioid/REMS training sessions must apply for QACSC and DEA within 12 months of attending the initial 12 hour training session or face repeating the 12 hour training. However, since Nurse Practitioners were not eligible to apply for QACSC until October 1, those who attended the sessions held in 2013 have been granted a one-time extension to this requirement, and are eligible to apply for QACSC until December 31, 2014.

If you attended one of the early sessions and are considering applying for QACSC, please take advantage of this opportunity. After December 31, 2014, you will have to attend an addition 12 hour Opioid/REMS training session in order to apply for QACSC.

Also, there are NPs who obtained the QACSC but have not yet completed the process by applying for their DEA number. Please remember that failure to apply for DEA number by the end of 2014 will result in an expiration of the QACSC. This would mean you would have to start the process over again by returning to the initial 12-hour Opioid/ REMS training.

Please remember to add the collaborating practice number to your QACSC application. This number can be found on the collaborative practice certificate. A copy of the certificate is attached for your review. The CP# can also be found by searching the License database on the Board of Medical Examiners website. Attached is a screen capture of the BME webpage (including the web address). Once you have entered sufficient fields to be able to locate the physician or DO, click on 'Detail', which is in blue on the right lower corner of the page to find a list of collaborative agreements and numbers.

We continue to work with the BME on ways to improve the process. Please contact NPAA if you have questions or concerns!