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One more step to passing NP bill

Posted almost 3 years ago by Joy Deupree

We are so close to accomplishing our goal, but it will only be possible to cross the finish line when you help us.
If you have not joined NPAA, please consider joining today. (It is only $100, which is hundreds less than our peer organizations.)
Then, we need everyone to call their representative and voice their support for SB234. Finally, please share this email with your fellow NP's and encourage them to help, too.
Our legislation to alter the Board of Nursing has passed the full Senate and made it out of the House committee. The only thing left for final passage is a vote on the House floor. Unfortunately, time is running out and the budgets are slowing the process down. We all need to call our representatives and encourage them to put SB234 on the calendar, and then vote yes when it is on the House floor.
Joining NPAA is just $100 per year and a phone call to your representative only takes a few minutes. Those two small things, however, can have a huge impact on the future of our profession.
Thank you again for your support, your willingness to share this information with other NPs, and your current or future membership in NPAA.    We will continue to update you on our progress.
Susan Alexander, DNP, ANP-BC, ADM-BC                
President, NPAA  
D'Ann Wilson Somerall, DNP, CRNP, FNP-BC                                                
Vice-President, Membership