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Rules Changes for NPs have been filed!

Posted over 2 years ago by Susan Alexander

Rules changes for collaboration and oversight have been filed and will be in effect 080515. In addition to other changes, the new rules  will institute quarterly NP:MD collaboration, in lieu of the monthly oversight, for NPs who have more than two years (4,000 hours) of collaborative practice experience.

To review the rules in their entirety, check out this link:

NPAA invites questions or comments regarding the revisions in these rules, and wishes to thank all those who were involved in crafting these changes that will improve patient care in our state.




Nina Harvey over 2 years ago

This is great! Do NPs who have practiced in other states for 2 years under collaboration fall under this new rule or will they still need monthly over sight for 2 years in Alabama?

Susan Alexander over 2 years ago

Hi, Nona,
That is an excellent question!
Let me clarify with the Board and I will contact you. Would you like me to reply to this Discussion Board or is there other contact information for you that I should use?

Susan Alexander over 2 years ago

I have received a reply from Amy Wybenga, Advanced Practice Consultant for the ALBME. The requirement is for 2 years/4000 hours of collaborative practice experience, and you should be able to document that experience, but it does not have to take place within Alabama.

Faith Johnson over 2 years ago

Susan,does that mean when our collaborating physician does out chart audits it only has to cover a number of charts quarterly or still 10% monthly?

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